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What do you think about the tragedies that occured this week?

It is morally correct to feel sympathy, or other emotions, when hearing about tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing and China's earthquake. But forget morale and what the society thinks, what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?


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  • Apr 22 2013: For Boston Marathon bombing,I asked myself the first question:what is wrong with america's education.and next question:what caused that by america society?
    For China's earthquake:everyday when I browse the newest reports from internet,I couldn't help tearing,meanwhile I feel lucky to live a safe place.But later I feel life is so fragile,so short...then I feel extremely content with what i have now once again.
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      Apr 22 2013: The elder brother accused of the bombings arrived in the US at age 16 or 17. In the US, the pre-college school system ends at age 18, so he spent at most a couple of years in it.. The Wall Street Journal say he went to a prestigious private school. The younger brother also went to the private high school rather than to the always maligned public educational system. It seems something of a stretch to suggest that this event can be blamed on "America's educational system" - unless you mean that the majority of marathon runners in the race, families cheering them on, safety personnel, and emergency teams were likely educated in the US.
    • Apr 22 2013: I agree with Fritzie. The reality is much more complicated.

      I think the following contributed to the tragedy:
      - on the Internet young people can easily get "inspired" and learn how to stage attacks
      - some people are psychopaths and they do not behave and think in the same way we do
      - integration to a society that is radically different from your culture is difficult
      - violent games and movies make young people less sensitive to violence?
      - access to guns is not enough regulated
      • Apr 23 2013: Hi Dear Zdenek Smith,I have different ideas about 'some people are psychopaths'?are they born so?of course not,as much as we have those 'you are you,I am I' ideas,we will not avoid to see more tragedies what we don't want to see.If our education can really do'we are connected,we are one world,one home',we won't worry about it anymore.
        I keep thinking'what education it really means',it concerns all a lot:politics,humanity,science...every individual,a group,a society...we all are connected together for better education to move on in our lives,the spirits is what we needed the most...

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