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Would things be different today if not for the Malleus Maleficarum supported by a Papal Bull, other wise known as the Catholic Inquisition

Between 1487 and 1520 over 5 million women were put to death for a myrid of reasons by the catholic church. Prior to this there was a balance of the male and female Isis the left and Amon the right. This was a purge of the materical and the advent of the patericial exclusive. Women were excluded from any leadersip positions and the left was thereafter considered bad and the right was considered good.

This one simple act by the church left women out of any equality for over 500 years and is still having a impact.

Would things have developed differently had women remained equals and the balance maintained between Isis and Amon ... the left and the right.


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  • Apr 28 2013: This question assumes that Catholic dogmas have more influence that they actually have had, in the long run. Christianity , historically, is a rather primitve view of the Universe, and how it works. It was all based on cultural ideas of the early kingdoms of what became the "Western" world, and was able to more or less ignore other views, such as the Hindus, because of the dramatic success of western Inperialism, over the last 500 yeaars or so. Now that is waning, and the success of Science as a world view more or less dooms the Judeo Christian idea of how the Universe actually works. Going back to basics, the Hindus and Buddhists have more science friendly concepts, since they rely on experience, and less dogmatice axioms. I.e., no Personal God , no Salvation, no Sin and Evil, etc. All concepts which are not at all helpful in the real world. Jesuits, for example , can hardly be distiniuished from Zen Buddhists, except for some rituallistic observances.

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