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Gather your 12 closest friends, pick an issue, and see what progress you can achieve.

Last night I realized that if I gathered the dozen closest friends of mine the things we could collaborate on and accomplish would be pretty baddass. With some collaboration one day a week, my friends and I may not re invent the wheel, but collectively we could recreate an 'Ocean 12' team to make a dent in a cause somewhere on the globe.

Think two degrees of separation instead of six and what you could accomplish? Just a thought.


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  • Apr 25 2013: Thanks Joseph for taking the risk here and posting on such an inspirational topic. I believe it takes all kinds of people to make progress possible and regardless of what the perfect number of people is idea to accomplish anything it is the idea that matters not the details. I believe it is the focus on details that robs good ideas of their life and true potential. It goes both ways however because if you fail to pay enough attention to the details any idea becomes nothing more than a really good idea with not traction. The idea never takes flight. I would love to connect to others who believe that 3, 5, 7 or 12 of us can change the world through collaboration surrounding a shared goal and enough passion to bring that goal to life. It was just last evening I had such a conversation with a close friend. I believe your post has inspired my idea to grow. Thank you and best of luck in your quest to collaborate and change our world.

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