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Gather your 12 closest friends, pick an issue, and see what progress you can achieve.

Last night I realized that if I gathered the dozen closest friends of mine the things we could collaborate on and accomplish would be pretty baddass. With some collaboration one day a week, my friends and I may not re invent the wheel, but collectively we could recreate an 'Ocean 12' team to make a dent in a cause somewhere on the globe.

Think two degrees of separation instead of six and what you could accomplish? Just a thought.


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  • Avi Dey

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    Apr 23 2013: 12 is quite too many to do a entrepreneurial project on a community level. Large Technical societies such as ieee.org in the physical science and engineering and ASM.ORG are to examples of highly reputed societies that brings together people of common interest in technical fields for educational activities and technical knowledge.

    But solving real problems through innovation or entrepreneurship by an arts or science tehcnology development protocol typically can use the success model of a music band. That's typically 5 people of various instrument players and a singer.

    In doing a SBIR Proposal (a popular government funding for small business research), you need typically about 5 people also.
    2 of them are part timers, or consultants. One project leader, one admin, and one market research plus coordinator.

    So 5 people seems to be a "good fit" doing something new in music or technology development rather than 12 in the context of small groups such as a music band or a technology development small tech biz team.

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