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Innovate for necessities of life - Do all innovations need to meaningful and sustainable?

The world spends billions of dollars to design and develop new things. Most of the innovator’s efforts and money are directed towards creating things that we already have so much of. Materialistic elements play an important role in my life—more than they should, and new innovations just provoke me to upgrade these materiel possessions. While I’m busy thinking about which gadget to by next, this gentleman in subject talk does something that forces me to think about doing something meaningful.

Arunachalam Muruganantham created something that provided a solution to a very basic need of the female population of India. That alone makes his innovation so different and valuable. He emphasized the importance of “hygiene” through this great thought.

I know when an invention produces an unseen thing, it creates a sense of excitement in us and moreover such inventions are essential for mankind. But, it is also not a bad idea to design, invent or re-engineer an idea for the basic necessities of life.

What do you think?

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    W. Ying

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    Apr 22 2013: .My answer:

    "Meaningful" for keeping our DNA alive.
    "Sustainable" for our only planet.

    Dam innovations for invalid (harmful) happiness, wasting our resources to "sustain".
  • Apr 22 2013: i think the better we are the better we are with technology and anything that makes us better be well .