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In 1970 President R. Nixon "temporarily" suspended the U.S. Gold Standard. In order to control inflation should we consider that system now?

President Nixon was embroiled in the Watergate scandal that stole the media headlines... so most Americans did not notice the abandonment of the Gold Standard. Since the standard was suspended, as now, inflation has risen each year.
Obviously, the rise of inflation is like a "tax" that siphons buying power from our citizens on a daily basis. Congress' spending was curtailed by the Gold Standard. Spending needs to be controlled today. Your thoughts?


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    Apr 22 2013: I have heard that uncle ben wants a world wide fiat currency.

    I suppose they would offer you fiddy cents on the dollar for your American?

    It is interesting to contemplate a world wide currency that is not manipulated by the likes of the FED or any other central bank. It would be a huge victory for freedom. And automatically handle the problem of currency fixing. Which would put an end to the shenanigans of people like Soros or China gaining an unfair advantage.
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      Apr 22 2013: Thanks for your comment Pat. Perhaps you would like to view our feeble attempt to give candidates true transparency at www.AllCan.org. That could be at least a start toward your solution.
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        Apr 22 2013: That remind me of something Steve Greenhut is doing along the same lines, great idea.
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          Apr 26 2013: Hi Pat:

          Thanks. How can we force the candidates to use these sites? Huge problem!

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        Apr 26 2013: I so not see any magic bullets. Only a more educated constituency which makes ditch digging look like watching TV.
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      Apr 24 2013: I agree, a world wide currency is very silly without a worldwide government. I like U$ currency, EU euros ....
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        Apr 25 2013: Whoops I meant to say a world wide currency (bit coin) but no worldwide government.

        But as you say that would be silly and certainly not in compliance, you do want to comply don't you?

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