Evgenia Baydikova

The University of Sydney

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How can businesses better manage their social media engagement?

Social media for business is about more than how many friends, connections and followers you have. It’s about how you grow your online identity and turn those analytics into measurable ROI.

What if there was comprehensive social media management service available for companies to syndicate content and mentions across all of their social media channels into one streamlined, easy-to-use interface?

The service could help you identify and develop high potential connections and online networking channels using intelligent tracking, prioritisation and reporting of aggregated analytics to provide meaningful business intelligence about how you fare in the social media playing field. It would also result in a more cohesive, company-mandated business reputation.

Would businesses benefit from a service like this?

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    Apr 11 2011: Do you mean to be able to know when someone is talking about your company, and to be able to feel the buzz before it happens. Other than that i think linkedin is the website for what you are saying.
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    Apr 5 2011: Social media is definitely very important for businesses with a high-volume, low-value business model. But one issue to consider is how social media impacts high-value, low-volume businesses (such as in the professional services.) We know the traditional ways to get a new contract - reputation-building through industry articles and conferences, networking and introductions. Does making blog posts, tweeting and Facebook followers translate into value the same way?