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Prevention training

The latest incident at the Boston Marathon is another reminder that no country or event is exempt from violance. What can be done to minimalize the effects.

Years ago the Isreal specialists begin training the general population to be more observant. If any article is left unattended it is immediately reported to authorities.

This would not eliminate the practice but, in my opinion, would minimize the loss of life ... it is not possible to eliminate the practice but if we become aware of unattended packages we may also be aware of those who deliver the potential "bomb".

I would not wish for any member of my family, friends, or any innocent to be harmed in this manner.

I have suggested the observation training used in Isreal .... In a effort to make a safer TED community and our world as a whole what other practices would you suggest.

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    Apr 26 2013: EVERYBODY PANIC!

    General situational awareness is a good thing to have on the street or in a bar or in fact anywhere. Many more people get killed by cars mounting the pavement than bombs. Many more people get killed by drunken fights. Many more people get killed by steadily escalating domestic violence. Screaming headlines and hurry-up dummy scenarios lead to over-reaction, confusion and chaos. As anyone who stewards an event or manages a venue will know, panic leads to all sorts of trouble. There are numerous examples where a stampeding crowd at a stadium has trampled dozens to death.

    OTOH 'on the street' concerns ought to be reported -- but how, and how (say for example) the police should respond to the caller (it's MUCH more complicated than you might think) from the genuinely concerned caller's point of view needs to be discussed and illustrated with/to the general public; who after all have hundreds of eyes and ears.

    The best sort of incident is one that never becomes an incident. Somebody spots early signs and the reports to 'the authorities' are taken seriously. Just to reiterate: Violence pervades society and those that consider themselves 'Boy scout bomb-spotters' should spend a bit more time looking at people in social situations.
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    Apr 21 2013: How much of this is national culture versus government policy? Do Israeli citizens play a greater role in stopping violence than we do? And can we do this without giving up more privacy or does no one care about that any more?
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      Apr 22 2013: Your response addresses to broad a range ... so lets narrow it down a little. I do not think that spotting a unattended bag takes away any of my liberties. I have and do practice this.

      I think that we all care about intrusions into our lives ... I fail to see the leap between spotting a bag and occupation forces.
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        Apr 22 2013: I am all for people spotting unattended bags. The leap between spotting a bag and occupation forces is exemplified very well by the Stasi, regarded as one of the most repressive secret police organizations in the world. Perhaps you do not agree or are not concerned about the contention that our own country has recently experienced a dramatic decrease in privacy. There are many who say "if you've got nothing to hide, then what's the problem?" Do you see the potential problem?
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          Apr 22 2013: What was our dramatic increase in privacy? I may recognize it by another name or description.

          Again we go from spotting a bag to the Stasi .... ?

          If you refer to HLS and the purchase of billion of rounds of ammo and armored vehicles and the AG and executive branches use of drone and the articles that say they would use them in the USA against US citizens or even the lack of transparency that has been demonstrated ... then I am with you. Notice how effective spin control is ... we hardly ever hear of these issues any more. Control of the press is a wonderful thing if you screw up it makes cover up so much easier. More koolade please.
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