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News on television and in newspapers has an enormous influence on people's ideas and options. What is the function of news?

Currently,with the earthquake happening,I feel my life is inundated by the earthquake news which are sensational and impressive .Admittedly,we need to know the details about the earthquake and also I'm concerned with victims.However,I feel frustrated when I‘ watching news broadcast 24 hours a day.So I am suspicious what is the function of news,to make us sorrow or optimistic.


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  • Apr 22 2013: News is meant to inform, to influence, to manipulate and to make money.
    "Bad news is good news" so they say.
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      Apr 22 2013: I don't agree with you,as I think the news should be with objective,it should be covered with no preference.So much bad news will make us worse.
      • Apr 22 2013: Objectivity.....sometimes I think it is a myth. There is a wide chasm between what news now is, and what it should be in a world filled with honesty and love.
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        Apr 22 2013: Your post asks "What IS the function. . . " not "What SHOULD BE the function. Also, bad news does not make bad people. Bad people make bad news.
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          Apr 23 2013: Thanks,what I think is that the news' function is tell us the ture while it seems difficult in some cases.

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