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News on television and in newspapers has an enormous influence on people's ideas and options. What is the function of news?

Currently,with the earthquake happening,I feel my life is inundated by the earthquake news which are sensational and impressive .Admittedly,we need to know the details about the earthquake and also I'm concerned with victims.However,I feel frustrated when I‘ watching news broadcast 24 hours a day.So I am suspicious what is the function of news,to make us sorrow or optimistic.


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    Apr 22 2013: in a free country, media is controlled by the audience. there is a fierce competition, and whichever media outlet predicts better what the audience want to watch, wins. there is very little freedom.

    people control the media that in turns dominate the public opinion. so in effect, people control their own public opinion, but in a way that they have almost no conscious control over it and they are trapped by it.

    sorry to bring the bad news: big brother is not watching. nobody holds the steering wheel, we are sitting in the runaway vehicle of society.
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      Apr 23 2013: As you said, do you think the media need appropriate control by the authourities.I believe that if there is only audience control it may lead to the vicious competition among media industry.
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        Apr 23 2013: authorities are also chosen by people. so this people -> media -> people control flow is only convoluted to people -> government -> media -> people. i don't think that it is any better. in fact, i think it is worse.

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