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News on television and in newspapers has an enormous influence on people's ideas and options. What is the function of news?

Currently,with the earthquake happening,I feel my life is inundated by the earthquake news which are sensational and impressive .Admittedly,we need to know the details about the earthquake and also I'm concerned with victims.However,I feel frustrated when I‘ watching news broadcast 24 hours a day.So I am suspicious what is the function of news,to make us sorrow or optimistic.


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    Apr 21 2013: The main purpose is to sell advertising. They do this by pushing emotional buttons, it has very little to do with informing. In fact disinformation would be accurate. I don't watch the news for that reason as they would prefer that I need them for fear of what being uninformed might do.

    Try not watching it for a week and see how it changes your thinking and attitude.
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      Apr 22 2013: I can't imagine that what my life would be like if turn off the television.If I did this,I think I would lose some significant event.

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