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News on television and in newspapers has an enormous influence on people's ideas and options. What is the function of news?

Currently,with the earthquake happening,I feel my life is inundated by the earthquake news which are sensational and impressive .Admittedly,we need to know the details about the earthquake and also I'm concerned with victims.However,I feel frustrated when I‘ watching news broadcast 24 hours a day.So I am suspicious what is the function of news,to make us sorrow or optimistic.


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    Apr 21 2013: Xlong, Media has Three major objectives .. 1) Garner as much of the market as possable 2) # 1 makes the sell of advertisements possable to a large market .. and 3) to turn a profit.

    Stories are selected based on the editor / producers opinion of what will hold the audience and hopefull gain them as a perment viewer / reader. I took a journalism class and the rule is blood leads ... many complain about what bad taste and how bloody that was but few turn it off or change channels. As we pass by a auto accident all cars slow down to get a "better" look. The media knows this.

    The best selling papers in the world are the trash talking .. get the latest on the rich and famous ... I'm having Elvis' baby ... she / he is a cheat ... nude photos of rich and royal ... These get the best spot in the store .. right by the cashier to look over while you wait. I catch myself looking at these while I wait ... LOL.

    The last area would be political ... if you are a member of the grays and live in a gray area ... you would not read / buy a orange leaning paper .. this is important ... the channel you select supports your thoughts and idologies ... in the states the media is almost all liberal which leaves few options for the non liberal.

    In any election / coupe one of the first things is to control the media and remove all opposition (media, educated, libraries, political adversaries, etc )

    I watch China today, RT, BBC, and American stations .... The final decision as to what to put my faith in is MINE. I will not do it by listening to only one source. It saddens me as to how often I side with another source outside of America.

    News should be based on fact free from editorial influence thus allowing the decision to be yours not theirs.

    Remember the editors / owners / producers all live by the golden rule .... He who has the gold rules.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Apr 22 2013: Thanks a lot.I have learnt a lot from your comments.And I think it is worth doing that getting news from various sources.As I'm a postgraduate of global journalisim,I want to see more objetive news than the news which are inundated with profits or preference.
      Best wishes.Xiong.

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