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Life's purpose is to serve humanity.

I've reached a point where I ask myself what truly makes me happy, motivated and inspired to move with passion. I have researched this and tried to be in tune with the universe to more so understand. I also believe we were given special gifts to help fulfill our purpose. TED videos have come into play and helped shaped my proposal along with other great books.

Please tell me your insights.

I am also open to YOUR perspectives.


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    Apr 24 2013: I'm not entirely sure how you mean "to serve humanity". There are so many ways one could serve others.
    I think one of the best ways I could serve humanity would be to separate myself from the physical world, to take a step back away from the role of Leader and Follower and become a third option, an Observer. To see things as they are without opinion or emotion
    To think about the universe and our place in it, contemplation on "the questions" to invent new questions and put them into the world. Above all, to give people purpose. Purpose can be a large part to the key of happiness and empowerment. However this is a vast topic, as vast as vast could be, to expect the answers to come from one person would be inconceivable, it's something everyone has to do for everyone.

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