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Life's purpose is to serve humanity.

I've reached a point where I ask myself what truly makes me happy, motivated and inspired to move with passion. I have researched this and tried to be in tune with the universe to more so understand. I also believe we were given special gifts to help fulfill our purpose. TED videos have come into play and helped shaped my proposal along with other great books.

Please tell me your insights.

I am also open to YOUR perspectives.


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    Apr 22 2013: As with many other questions, anwsering one means asking and anwsering others. So what is life's purpose? Well that would depend on some factors. If one believes in evolution, adaptions, and the passing down of genes to better and prolong your species then a simple anwser of our purpose is to survive, and pass on our genes to the next generation. However we as some other species on Earth are classified as "grandmother" species, meaning that we have a life after that of our ability to pass on our genes and strive in our environment dimishes. If our purpose was strictly to ensure the survival of the next generation of our species the average life span would end somewhere between 47-57 years old, when we lose our reproductive abilities and are past our prime. Yet this is not the case, we live longer, and can even make the arguement that to a point we are still getting better up in to our elder ages! So maybe there isnt just one anwswer, maybe we should be asking the purpose of life segmented into different categories of life. Some species actually simply live just for a period of time until they reproduce (certain insects only have a 24 hr life span, some species die after giving birth, others may eat their mate for a meal after reproduction) And their purpose may be just that, pass on their genes and they are in the clear, ours may be something more, we are so advanced we cant just simply pass on our genes and expect the slow mutations of evolution to exponentially make us better, we must go further and help develop our culture and technologies and share our knwledge and wisdom with younger generations. Yet it may not just revolve around your species surviving, again in higher forms and more advanced species we have things called feelings. Would one purpose of life not be to live happily? That opens up a whole other discussion about what happiness is. Then of course depending on your religious beliefs all these things could change, purpose could be to serve god

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