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How do we solve the problem with lost warranties and receipts?

How many times havn´t you had the problem of not being able to find your warranty or receipt months after you bought your product, and now it is broken.

I am thinking that it must be a way to manage all your warranties and receipts online, and at the same place.

I want to create a platform where all different kinds of retailers can upload the warranty for your product so you dont need to worry about the warranty anymore. You can see when you bought your product and when your warranty is expiring.

Thank you for inputs on the idea

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    Apr 5 2011: If you purchase with a credit card, then the store should have no problem looking up the transaction through their sales enterprise software. I think it would simply be a matter of adding a couple of addition information entry points as follows: first in the purchasing/inventory system when the item is received, add warranty information linked to the product (if there are multiple warranties for the same product, then you need a drop down table so the data entrant can select the correct warranty). Secondly, when the customer pays for the product, the warranty information field is carried to the sales entry field and is linked to the credit card number, store number and date of sale into a semi-permanent database that is maintained until the warranty expires. The database should be able to be queried by credit card number, serial number of the item, manufacturer of the item plus description of the item.

    That's my basic idea of how to set it up. I do not have much IT experience as I am a Mechanical Engineer by training. Good luck.
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    Apr 5 2011: Whenever we have our products broken, it is, sometimes, hard to get it fixed without warranties paper or receipts.

    An integrated warranty server could be an possible answer but I doubt it. To keeping server or such system requires money and it seems not so easy to deal with many different company's warranty policies in single warranty system.

    So what if using credit cards? If we pay it with credit cards, we can notice what and when you bought. I think using credit card is an alternative.