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Is passion the mother of fashion?

It is clear to me that fashion is orders of magnitude more important to people than facts.

If that is given .. what is it that drives fashion?

Is it passion?

and if it is - what is it that triggers passion?

And how does this non-rational principle serve our survival?


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      Apr 26 2013: Yes, this is an aspect which I think is important - mostly because it is the bit that seems to move outside of rationality.

      However, there are 2 sides to this phenomenon - there is certainly wisdom in identifying the pitfalls of passion - the "sins", but at the other end, I might invoke the passion of Christ and the quest for "virtue".
      It's all very well to say "do this, don't do that" but without knowing the spine, what good is knowing the nose or the tail? Those who come with imperatives bear them for their own vanity - or as burdens inflicted on them down the generations. I have my own burdens and vanity(part of the "mud") - it is best we know them, perhaps they serve us less than we assume.
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          Apr 27 2013: The last first and the first last:

          I would hope so Don .. it is a strange thing that we have this bridge - it is an unlikely one .. but a precious one for its rarity.

          I get this "soul and spirit" thing out of silence .. all which I focus upon is false and transient .. perhaps necessary, but it is the all, and the no-thing which answers all that I cannot calculate. Happy to be my little self - noisy as it is! And what silence does not answer crosses these unlikely bridges.

          I took great joy reading the Feynman book! Feynman reminds me so much of my elder brother - he went to the town garbage dump to rescue abandoned radios and rigged a vacuum-tube creation of his own by which he could morse-code messages with people in Russia .. and when the neighbours complained about TV interference from his huge antenna, the government inspector praised his work and told the neighours that their TV sets were faulty. My brother also blew large holes in the backyard with home made explosives .. unfortunately, the ingredients are no longer available from chemists - you have to go to miners for that stuff now. All is open, nothing prevents our doom apart from empathy. And this is the gift of humans to the world - we have nothing else it wants.
          Feynman, Einstein, Rutherford and Dalton(I know his grand-daughter - wonderful human!) they are all bomb-makers - as are you and I.

          I walked today to be here .. and for a few moments I was.

          We calculate each other endlessly .. and always, we are correct for a few hours or days, but the years own us - we are small in the face of them.

          I see that we humans have been treding a road without feeling our feet .. here I choose a few words that I know in my heart and ask .. what are these words? At one time they paid my rent .. as a professional musician, it was my study - and I did OK .. not famous, but proficient - my band had more work than any other band in the country at that time. I learned how to make a tribe, how to play the rules - shape.
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          Apr 27 2013: THese words.

          we use them all the time and we haven't a clue what we are saying .. we just assume .. and somehow, those close to us understand what these words mean .. enough to get things done. But none of us really have the foggiest clue what our utterances do on impact with the ears of others. We swim in vague waters, and .. just so long as the result appears within a statistical significance, we put on the laurels and claim certain victory.

          The Buddha once said that all evil is done by certain knowledge . and I agree - nothing is certain, all is assumption, and I'd like to help us small slime-moulds get closer to the actual truth. step one is to stop assuming and start looking.

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