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Is passion the mother of fashion?

It is clear to me that fashion is orders of magnitude more important to people than facts.

If that is given .. what is it that drives fashion?

Is it passion?

and if it is - what is it that triggers passion?

And how does this non-rational principle serve our survival?


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    Apr 21 2013: Lovely rhyme Mitch! But no, profit drives fashion.
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      Apr 22 2013: Perhaps it is fashionable to believe that in the USA.
      But profit is only the predator of fashion.

      Mind you .. what kind of "profit" did you have in mind?
      Fashion appears to be irrational - but we have it. So it must have an advantage beyond our normal comprehension of rationality.

      I note that money is also an object of fashion.
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        Apr 22 2013: Belief ought to never be based upon what is fashionable. Thanks for the reminder. If the fashion industry (not the clothing industry, but the fashion industry) is suspended for 5-years what happens? Simple, people will wear the same clothes, heaven forbid, this year they wore last year and the year before. Purchasing new apparel every season, not because the things you have are no longer serviceable, but because the Madison Avenue propaganda drives you into a passionate frenzy to be in vogue is what makes fashion a VERY profitable business. What is the source of the passion and the frenzy? It is advertising, media hype, subliminal suggestion, and relentless appeal to human pride. The root cause of the continuing survival of the fashion (again, not clothing) industry is PROFIT. Fashion is not the victim and profit is not the predator. I think fashion is the predator and vanity is the victim. By the way, what is your rationale for stating that something irrational must have an advantage? And how is money an object of fashion? All is vanity! Thanks Mitch. Be well mate.
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          Apr 22 2013: Hi Edward,
          Good observations!
          The irrational may not have an advantage. But it is there and provokes curiosity.
          Certainly there is talk of the shortcomings of "the rational actor" in our assumptions.
          Specially in the field of economics.
          I think that the role of the irrational should be taken into account - and the dynamics of fashion/passion seem to fall into that gap. Discovering some underlying causality would help to mend our gaps.

          But I can't see how profit can escape the predator label.
          If we were to expand the notion of profit to include all forms of advantage, one can see it is essential to all of life .. but there seem to be limits to it's productive application.

          (edit: money as fashion? Well .. it does not exist beyond being a behaviour and we've been doing that dance for a while.)

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