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In education, Finland is usually at the top & the USA near the bottom, but what is the middle or upper middle doing?

Like many other situations we like to focus on the extremes, and although learning from the best is not a bad idea, I would like to learn a little from the pretty darn good.

What are all those countries located in the upper middle area doing to get themselves where they are? Something tells me they aren't just avoiding wat the USA is doing and emulating Finland.

If you can, please share some of your stories and knowledge on what is working for you that other teachers and educators could mull over.


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    Apr 25 2013: I am sorry you have not gotten any responses yet to your question.

    What I have noticed in searching for comparative information about practices rather than outcomes is that OECD is launching a new publication series called Education Policy Outlook that will assemble and analyze pedagogies and strategies member countries have in place in an effort to distill best practices across the OECD countries.
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      Apr 25 2013: That sounds very interesting. I am definitely much more interested in the input than the output.

      Thanks for sharing.

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