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What is the best way to prevent rape in war zones?

Rape in war zones is an issue of utmost urgency and needs to be stopped.


The purpose of this debate is to find solutions to a problem with very real and horrific consequences. All are welcome to participate and contribute, all I ask is for everyone to please be thoughtful and considerate with their contributions. I look forward to seeing what solutions the TED community can come forth with. Thank you.


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    Apr 22 2013: What if there is none? As much as we want to say will power, discipline, and laws can change this, what if they cant? Rape is a difficult subject, it isnt something you can talk about with certainty. You can talk about rocks, test them, know what minerals make it up and when it formed, all of these certain facts, where as rape is almost like an addiction. (some people are addicted to sex, or i suppose could be addicted to rape) We dont know enough about the brain, the way it works and its inner cogs and wheels to be able to figure things out like addiction. Rape has gone on since the beginning of man, specially in war times. Where did rape even come from? As we evolved sex was primarily for reproduction, now we dont see it as just that, its recreation, fun, almost a high to us.We need to understand these inner brain workings of what causes rape. Im not saying that every human has it hard wired in their brain to rape people but no matter what if you have a population of 1000, a few may be mentally challenged, some may have physicaly deformations, and who knows there could be a few that no matter what theres something in them, a loose wire or something that causes them to rape. (wether they get a high from it, need to feel the domination, or are just to weak willed to not do it given the opportunity. Also as far as increasin the penalties of such crimes im not sure that will work.(i mean it will to an extent, but only to an extent) If rape is something we cant figure out in our brain then regardless of the penalty someone somehwhere still may do it, same as us having strict penalties on drugs, yet that does not detour people from using them illegally. So i dont know, im not sure at this point we are advanced in our knowledge of our own brain to tackle such a problem, but i do agree with others on their ideas to at least slow down this staggering trend.

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