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What is the best way to prevent rape in war zones?

Rape in war zones is an issue of utmost urgency and needs to be stopped.


The purpose of this debate is to find solutions to a problem with very real and horrific consequences. All are welcome to participate and contribute, all I ask is for everyone to please be thoughtful and considerate with their contributions. I look forward to seeing what solutions the TED community can come forth with. Thank you.


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    Apr 23 2013: I was unaware i was making said excuses. I dont believe i did. I was just giving a thought, a reason or explanation, a possible realization of the subject, not making excuses. Im not "down playing" rape at all (well that is not my intentions) im not trying to make it seem like it should be more tolerable, i am just wondering if maybe we need to look at it in different ways and attack the issue with different methods. I agree there is no excuse for rape, however there may be a better understanding of it and in turn a better way to stop it from happening. I disagree that rape is only about power and control. Yes there are many cases where these two factors have played a major role, yet it is not only about those two things. Drug addicts who fully know that the drug is illegal, completely understand and realize the drug is killing them and ruinning their life still turn around and sell their soul for another hit. Although we dont fully understand it to any measure we do know/have the idea that addiction is a neurological disorder, people with bad cases literally cannot control themselves and may need emense support, help and care, along with therapy and even certain (medical) drugs to be able to live day to day. Now im not saying any rapist is neurologically addicted to it, im just highlighting the possibility that rape may be something complex we do not yet fully understand, know how to diagnose, treate and deal with. Just as with addicts will power and consequences sometimes do not always prevent them from feeding their addiction. Before it was just tough love, suck it up and just say no, refuse it, be strong. We have advanced and grown to know that this really is a brain disorder of some sort. Now i dont know what is true at the moment, we just dont know yet. All in all however i am fully for any act or change that reduces the rates of rape. We always must do our best with what we have, that includes doing our best to not be bad

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