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What is the best way to prevent rape in war zones?

Rape in war zones is an issue of utmost urgency and needs to be stopped.


The purpose of this debate is to find solutions to a problem with very real and horrific consequences. All are welcome to participate and contribute, all I ask is for everyone to please be thoughtful and considerate with their contributions. I look forward to seeing what solutions the TED community can come forth with. Thank you.


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    Apr 22 2013: Let's start from first principle. The best way to prevent rapes in war zones is to prevent wars.
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      Apr 22 2013: Reality check: The best way to prevent housefires is to prevent fire. Floods/Water. Car crashes/Cars. Drug abuse/Drugs. Obesity/Food. etc. etc. War is part of the Human drama. Sorry.
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        Apr 22 2013: so is rape. we should work on getting these things out of the "human drama".
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          Apr 22 2013: A noble venture but you are bucking both human nature and all of recorded history. I give you 7 billion-to-one odds against success.
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        Apr 22 2013: I believe conflict is part of the "Human drama." IMHO, war, like famine, is political.
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          Apr 22 2013: War is just crowd-sourced conflict. When wars were fought on battlefields, away from the women, there were no rapes.
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      Apr 22 2013: "The best way to prevent rapes in war zones is to prevent wars."

      That's what I'm thinking too Pabitra.

      Scott Bell mentioned something similar:


      Question: What is the Best Way to Prevent Violence?"

      Isn't it the warzone that creates the environment of instability that allows for the rape to happen? If you stop stop the warzones, then in theory, I would think one would be able to prevent a large percentage of the rapes.
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        Apr 23 2013: I think your question is not really about rape at this point so I won't deliberate on that issue save and except:
        Rape has nothing to do with sex and procreation. It's all about violence (you are right) and violation of human dignity. I believe both male and female can be victim of rape, though in case of females it has additional consequences.
        Violence is integral to systemic view of life. I'd like to be more practical and take social violence like wars, rapes, terrorism etc. as the talking point. No amount of regulation, laws, statutes can prevent such violence. The only way is to gravitate to a higher plane of enlightenment by the societies to realize that such violence cannot achieve anything worthwhile.
        Sometimes, I imagine that violence has just become unfashionable.

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