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All international issues should be resolved in a world court

When Arkansas and Missouri take issue over the Mississippi, they do not go to war. All issues between all states ought to be resolved fairly, in a world court. I believe a world court, and ultimately a one-world government, are natural features of humanity's moral trajectory.

Do you agree?

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    Apr 27 2013: i was just thinking about the national debt. are we really going to be able to pay that off. probably not. unless america some how comes up with an energy source that meets the worlds demands many times over its going to take a long time and we would have to stop going into more debt. i wonder what a world government would be like. connecting everyone together, what would the global language be. i think that would be a great topic to hash out on ted.
  • Apr 25 2013: The United Nations is a puppet of the American gov, you mean something like that? Are you being funny? Those that have fully bribed America's entire congress will not allow that to happen.

    The law is not perfect? Lol
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    Apr 23 2013: ZX Style, your point seems to be "law isn't perfect. People make mistakes." I know that. I know that one out of every ten convict we kill on death row is innocent. Our legal system is far from perfect. That being said, it is far preferable to nothing. And that's what we have in place on an international scale. Imagine if there were no federal government, just states. That doesn't seem to make much sense to us, but what really doesn't make sense to us is the principle of dividing a common people.

    If you cannot see the world united in the future, you are not thinking big enough. Globalization has already connected all economies, and sovereign debt sucks. The world will fly one flag. We will unite. Science and exploration will take precedent; and man will advance. That is the way of the future.
  • Apr 23 2013: Please visit rootstrikers online we have a corruption problem in all states and districts in America time to address this first.
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    Apr 21 2013: ZXStyle, would you rather have your fate sealed by a gavel or a gun? I think it is easy for us to debate the specifics of this sitting in America. Millions of innocents globally are consumed by violence. We would not allow that to happen on our soil. We should not allow it to happen anywhere. As long as it does, we underline a non-existent difference between "us" and "them."

    "Things which equal the same thing also equal one another." - Euclid
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        Apr 21 2013: Do you think the U.S. Supreme Court is corrupt? How about the ICC? If not, than what would be different on an international scale? If so, why? Even if it were definite, is judicial corruption worse than bloodshed?