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What happens when different people come together to play the same game with different rules without knowing about the differences?

I have found that many people play life's game with different rules and meet with people with different rules of engagement. I don't get why this is so but some how I think the out may not be pleasant. What do you think is the reason behind this and the outcome?


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    Apr 21 2013: Fountain,
    Whatever happens when different people come together with different cultures, backgrounds and ideas about life, is whatever we create as individuals. It is not surprising that we perceive things differently, and this can lead to a pleasant, or unpleasant outcome.....it depends a lot on what our perception is of the interaction.

    If we begin an interaction believing that our thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions and opinions are the one and only "right" way, we may not have a pleasant outcome. If, however, we begin each and every interaction knowing and accepting that everyone may have different ideas, we can be open to possibilities for the interaction to evolve in a very pleasant way. In my perception, every interaction is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while being fully present in the moment. To me, we are all more the same than different, because we share many of the same emotions and life experiences. The differences are a gift, because it is an opportunity to experience something that I may not have previously known.

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      Apr 21 2013: Colleen,
      Its always pleasant to read your comments on any subject. Your open-mindedness and amiable spirit is just a gift to the TED community. I can't agree any more with you. It depends on our ability to approach a new interaction or engagement with empathy and a desire to learn what the other party's views are. Despite the potency of our nature and nurture, our choices to be flexible is what makes us who we eventually become
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        Apr 22 2013: Thank you for that feedback Fountain:>)

        Being open minded, with a desire to learn in a flexible way is MY pleasure, and a gift to myself. It feels a LOT better than the alternative.

        I appreciate your open-mindedness, compassion, empathy and kindness as well:>)

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