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what if the world will be one country?

Just open your mind and comment)

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    Apr 22 2013: Bingo, ding ding ding! We have a winner! Ahhhhh this my friend is music to my ears. I have many ideas and beliefs on said topic. Honestly, i think that if we dont come together as a single people untied together then our race will not survive much longer. We will tear eachother apart and ruin this world until our desruction. I dont like to think of myself as a U.S. citizen, as a resident of Michigan, team Spartans, team USA, no no i would rather look at myself as a human being, member of the human race, team homosapien Earth. If we joined together as one race we would advance at an exponential rate tackling problems and issues that would take us many many more generations to solve if we stay divided, if we would even survive and reach such heights. I do think we are going somewhere and fast. However im not sure if we are on the right path or not. Im not sure one could even tell, coming together in a new age of humanity as a signle unitfied race, or falling apart and destroying ourselves or throwing ourselves backward into a dark ages may both very much be on the same path and just depend on a short amount of time and a few decisions or some luck to decide what way our race will turn. Now also there is then the question that if we do come together and join under a united homosapien banner does it matter how it happens? Would it matter if one group simply took over the world, or that we actually came together in agreement and compramise? Im not really sure about that forsure either. But think about this, there have been situations like these previously in human history. The Romans in a sense controlled "the whole" world at one time, before that other civilizations controlled their own, "whole world" (many times there were other peoples and cultures that were unknown across the globe) Also recently in WWll the Nazi Germans came close to this, what would it be like toget if they won? I dont know the anwsers to all of this, its just a bunch of thoughts,excellent question

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