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what if the world will be one country?

Just open your mind and comment)

  • Apr 20 2013: In a very real sense, it is almost that now. Thanks, in large part, to the internet, we can converse with others in many countries in just a matter of key strokes and become friends, business partners etc.
    Because of the net, we all are learning about our neighbors in a much better way- getting first hand info about them on all the subjects, including their histories.
    Dropping all borders and replacing all governments would mean taking away a people's history. That is never a good idea.
    At least not for the foreseeable future.
  • Apr 26 2013: I just don't think that this is possible. This question appeals to those who are interested in world-wide unity, but I believe that we-as people-are simply too diverse to ever be unified in this world. People are not only creatures of logic, but of passion and pride-and those qualities (which are not entirely vices) along with many other things (such as culture) that makes us human, I believe, would make it impossible to ever accomplish such an astronomical feat.
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    Apr 22 2013: depends on what country is that. if it is a free country, we are all good. if it is not a free country, it is significantly worse than many countries. in fact, if we have non-free countries, the more there are (and thus smaller they are) the better. it is because countries will be measured by each another, they will be compared. people living in worse countries will lament, and demand conditions like in better countries. but if we have one oppressive country, there is no way to tell if it does horribly.
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    Apr 21 2013: The nation state seems well established and not going to disappear any time soon. In fact i would not want to open the borders of Australia for selfish reasons.

    The nation state seems to work well in some places, for some people, better than previous city states or whatever, and not so well were borders are artificial, not aligned with cultural similarities, or lacking equal status and tolerance within the sub groups.

    I guess a question is what is the most efficient and effective and beneficial form and scale of government.

    I support democracy and I'm not sure how well that works on a global scale.

    There would still need to be levels of government.

    Suggest our cultures and expectations are too diverse at the moment for global government.

    I support freedom of religion and secularism, whereas some prefer a caliphate or jewish state.
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    Apr 21 2013: Our lines in the sand will never really be more than that. It is right for earth to unify under one flag. In order to see this, you must think big. It will happen one day.
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    Apr 20 2013: Are we free associating ok I'll play:

    Dystopian, centralized, oppression, stagnation, evil, more evil from the complacent, apocalypse
  • Apr 22 2013: better how do we end are nation state system and move to a global system it reallty comes down to are leadeships and the citizens . im for it better then fighting each other and playing the global blame game .
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    Apr 22 2013: Bingo, ding ding ding! We have a winner! Ahhhhh this my friend is music to my ears. I have many ideas and beliefs on said topic. Honestly, i think that if we dont come together as a single people untied together then our race will not survive much longer. We will tear eachother apart and ruin this world until our desruction. I dont like to think of myself as a U.S. citizen, as a resident of Michigan, team Spartans, team USA, no no i would rather look at myself as a human being, member of the human race, team homosapien Earth. If we joined together as one race we would advance at an exponential rate tackling problems and issues that would take us many many more generations to solve if we stay divided, if we would even survive and reach such heights. I do think we are going somewhere and fast. However im not sure if we are on the right path or not. Im not sure one could even tell, coming together in a new age of humanity as a signle unitfied race, or falling apart and destroying ourselves or throwing ourselves backward into a dark ages may both very much be on the same path and just depend on a short amount of time and a few decisions or some luck to decide what way our race will turn. Now also there is then the question that if we do come together and join under a united homosapien banner does it matter how it happens? Would it matter if one group simply took over the world, or that we actually came together in agreement and compramise? Im not really sure about that forsure either. But think about this, there have been situations like these previously in human history. The Romans in a sense controlled "the whole" world at one time, before that other civilizations controlled their own, "whole world" (many times there were other peoples and cultures that were unknown across the globe) Also recently in WWll the Nazi Germans came close to this, what would it be like toget if they won? I dont know the anwsers to all of this, its just a bunch of thoughts,excellent question
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    Apr 22 2013: Dropping all borders and replacing all governments would mean taking away a people's history.
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    Apr 21 2013: What if the world has no country?
  • Apr 21 2013: Good Pat and Gale. Kamilla what ways do you mean? It could be a bad bureaucracy or a good bureaucracy. Which would it be?