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Would a world without emotions better?

One day this questions just came up to me. I just want your opinions on the world without any trace of emotion. I mean humans without emotions to be specific.

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  • Apr 24 2013: HI.
    Is courage a bad emotion?
    What about finding courage?
    In order to do so, many find a courage they didn't know they had in the last three letters of the word courage.
    Those letters spell, r...a...g...e.... rage.
    I disagree with the premise that simply attributes bad human behavior to emotions because that to me implies a false belief that they come from human nature.
    They don't.
    What we see in the world is a perverted form of humanity because so many are not getting their needs met and this breeds a sometimes overwhelming fear. Thus, humans are not behaving solely because of so-called or falsely labeled bad emotions but simply are responding to environments that are increasing the stresses upon them to simply survive.

    Someone here mentioned psychopaths.
    The leaders of America are psychopaths in the very real sense of what that means and what it implies, yet they claim a moral high ground that is anything but.
    We could do without them and we would behave differently.
    If we solve our problems we will behave differently, i.e. peacefully.
    The only people who do not want this are our leaders.
    What do you think about that?
    Someone also mentioned fear. Jealousy, greed, crime, hate, envy, hubris, resentment, anger and other emotions are all just other words for fear. They represent fear that one won't get what they want or need, or that they will lose what they have. That kinda covers everything in between too. And, any two of all of us.

    With the way things are going, having, expressing, showing, demonstrating, etc. emotions will be outlawed and will involve a long jail sentence. (Is this something you would favor?)
    This is true as prisons are now privately owned businesses that constantly need more customers to remain solvent, to grow and increase profits.
    Everyone in America stands a good and growing chance at winding up in prison in their lifetime.
    • May 4 2013: I understand there are some good emotions but just imagine a world without emotion that would just let people think rationally with everything. Yes there would be loss of love- the most powerful emotion in my opinion- but if we all though rationally won't most if not all the problems of today not exist. I would not favour outlawing emotions because that is just stupid, everybody relies both on their rationality (don't know if that is a word) and emotioins. So if such a law was passed on it will have to be controlled by robots or somthing that is emotionless.

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