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Would a world without emotions better?

One day this questions just came up to me. I just want your opinions on the world without any trace of emotion. I mean humans without emotions to be specific.

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    Apr 20 2013: there are good emotions and bad emotions. I'm guessing that you want to get rid of the bad ones? Everyone experiences all of the emotions at one time or another. The problem is with the ones that are chronically stuck manifesting the bad ones.
    If your saying the world would be better off without cheerfulness, enthusiasm, exhilaration, etc. I would have to disagree.
    • Apr 22 2013: I had just recently read the Uglies series. The books are of people with only "good" emotions but my point here is not to well to simplify it get rid of the bad emotions. I think one leads to other so theefore it would be impossible in a way to have only the good emotions without some kind of mind control.
      Which would not be considered ethical by today's society.

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