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Would a world without emotions better?

One day this questions just came up to me. I just want your opinions on the world without any trace of emotion. I mean humans without emotions to be specific.

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  • Apr 21 2013: I think it would be Darwinistic, with no regret for doing what each individual decided was best for their survival.
    Procreation and families would not be a priority, or even a concern.
    Society would degrade as there was no remorse, no caring, and blind indifference to the needs of others.

    Development of emotions as art of the human brain are likely one of the cornerstones of human development.
    • Apr 22 2013: But think about why do humans do most of the "bad" things? Is it not because of other emotions such as jelousy etc.
      I mean yes we would loose the more appreciated emotions like love, happiness etc. but these emotions are possibly the ones that lead to the other emotions.

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