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Would a world without emotions better?

One day this questions just came up to me. I just want your opinions on the world without any trace of emotion. I mean humans without emotions to be specific.

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  • Apr 21 2013: I would hazard a guess that the definition of emotion is not that precise.

    Taken at face value it seems obvious that there could be no future for humanity without emotion because there would be no impulse to choose one thing rather than another. One could imagine people pursuing survival without emotion, but why would they? A parallel consideration is the perception of pain. I understand people who do not feel pain have very poor outcomes (as judged by people who feel emotion and pain).

    The idea that psychopaths mimic emotion to their own advantage is an interesting counterpoint because the question is - what motivates them? If the above observation is right then it would seem that either the answer to this question concerns the definition of emotion or the answer is that psychopaths are in some way parasitic of others' values - they seek what others seek.

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