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What is your definition of good education?

Being a teacher at middle school for twenty-year.The question:What is the so called good education? It keeps haunting in my mind.I feel good to keep asking me the question.Because I really hope what my teaching can help young people to understand their lives better.As well as I know it is not a solo aspect to definite good education.But I would like you come to share your understanding of good education.Because I think it is never be enough to keep talking about education.As much as we can come together to communicate it.We need everyone join in talking education,we will see better education around us.Thanks.


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    Apr 21 2013: a good education for me is one in which I am able to understand that I am a being who is capable of being inccorect in respect to calculating my enviornment..that factors such as my moods,my wishes,my behaviour..all effect everyone around me..and in order to produce the best result possible..I will always have to consider my own role in the enviornment as a factor. Next a good education provides information about ALL CULTURES ways of being,loving,building so I am offered the greatest possible options for how I wish to build my life,my behaviour. A great education would teach me to be respectful but aware of dogma from instittions that hold themselves above humanity as absolutes,and enable me to critically examine them so I may offer better ways of being...aware instituions are not humans,just ideas. A good education would provide me with the tools to be objective about news,and medicine,and religion,and racism and sexism...so I am able to not plagerize my thinking simply leading an unexamined life...A good education would allow me to love myself and what I create in deed...to allow me to function resposibly answering to my own examined code of behaviour,at peace with others,and myself
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      Apr 21 2013: Good points. If I summarize - a person's capability to introspect and offer something meaningful!
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        Apr 22 2013: good summary..but there for me is a non negotiable factor that my ability to inrospect,and what I am led to believe is meaningful is not purposefully limited by those who represent my opportunity to learn by say...ahemmm...editing,biasing,hiding ,ect (not to say this is always the case,,,,but ask any minority person how they feel about what one learns they indicate not just bias,but misinformation

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