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What is your definition of good education?

Being a teacher at middle school for twenty-year.The question:What is the so called good education? It keeps haunting in my mind.I feel good to keep asking me the question.Because I really hope what my teaching can help young people to understand their lives better.As well as I know it is not a solo aspect to definite good education.But I would like you come to share your understanding of good education.Because I think it is never be enough to keep talking about education.As much as we can come together to communicate it.We need everyone join in talking education,we will see better education around us.Thanks.


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  • Apr 21 2013: For me a good education begins with the discipline of learning the mechanic of how to study and do research; i.e. have an alert mind and body receptive to learning. Next is being exposed to as many varied subjects as possible so that at some future time, one has the fundamental knowledge to perk one's interest in continuing self education. Most importantly, one must master the basics of questioning everything so one seeks proven facts and not heresay/fiction. Add to that some common sense to separate expansive theories from reality.

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