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What is your definition of good education?

Being a teacher at middle school for twenty-year.The question:What is the so called good education? It keeps haunting in my mind.I feel good to keep asking me the question.Because I really hope what my teaching can help young people to understand their lives better.As well as I know it is not a solo aspect to definite good education.But I would like you come to share your understanding of good education.Because I think it is never be enough to keep talking about education.As much as we can come together to communicate it.We need everyone join in talking education,we will see better education around us.Thanks.


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    Apr 20 2013: I personally think that we need to keep very current and to not be so politically structured when choosing lessons for students, mainly middle school and forward. People are smarter these days, plus their parents are making a larger impact on the child's general education because they, themselves, are more intelligent.

    I think the middle school but particularly high school level of education should include topics (preferably required but offered even) such as philosophy, astronomy, physics, etc. I realize many of these are college level courses, but only because we say so. I feel these should be included in middle to high school levels of education because kids seem bored - these topics are very interesting and have the untamed ability to spark interest and positive motivation in a student - similar to the effect of a great teacher.
    • Apr 21 2013: Thanks Kendle Yanusko:).I like the pic you showing in your profile,it looks very nice and sweet.children would like you the most for your angel's face and smiling.

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