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Has the rate of technological advancements exceeded the rate of most human's adaptation?

I believe everyone wants to connect to something or someone. For the social factor, usually us humans have conversations. Conversations can either be verbal or written. Verbal can be transcribed through phones, webcam, or face-to-face. Written can be transcribed through paper, texting, forms of online messaging, or forums. Setting aside nonverbal language/body language/sign language, do people connect at a different level online than in person? Do your connections online give weigh in your offline life and vice versa? Is there a high level of disconnection with humanity when we use nonverbal and more text based forms of communication? Are our connections online the same as our connections in person? Has the rate of technological advancements exceeded the rate of human adaptation?


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      Apr 22 2013: I agree with alot of your thought and logic, however no matter what the topic or discussion is there always seems to be a disconnect between how you put it "oldies" and the younger generations of today. Even here i can notice it. Now im not saying you are "wrong" by any means. In your mind and from your point of view and experiences you are completely correct. You speak of these said connections as simple quick acquaintances, which hmmm actually to you may be true. Yet i grew up (and still am) in a weird time of transition (not that any time isnt one of transition) through the last days of the pre"online," technology infused world into the dawn of a new age for man and technology. Many (almost pretty much most) of my connections online arent acquaintances met through or because of the web, they are previously held, long standing, person to person relationships and friendships. Sure now i know i know now a days everyone on social media has 25000 friends-which are in such a case majorly just quick online acquaintances, but i do not see those people as "friends" but more of a personal online phonebook network. There is another group that i interact with regularly, which includes the previously stated face to face relationships. These people is what makes social media important to me. Specialy personally in my case going away to college, it is a great way to interact and continue those relationships i had at home. I think it really is just another form of communication, another facet, another tool. More tools usually would mean an improved performance or efficiency, or wider rage of ability, which means this new tool would be a good thing. I feel like there are to many examples to lay to this. It is the same between generations, young and old, when new technologies are in discussion. "Back in my day we would talk to a girl in person not text them!" Well heck, pretty soon, "Back in my day we would text, not hologram chat!" Funny how young/old view/think different!

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