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It seems like it might be time to consider that mental illness is a Group affair, like a Mass Panic. Perhaps PTSD on a group scale.

It has long been known that even young , healthy men can develop serious mental symtoms as a result of even two weeks of combat in a serious war. But recently it develops that the effects spread far beyone those who show symptoms, both in a time dimension, and also in a combat intensity sense. I.e, 80% of 1918 British soldiers in one study were never in a significant combat, but they had plenty of symptons. And they lasted for years. What if it should turn out that social groups under stress for long periods " go crazy" from top to bottom, according to their aptitudes? That might explain a lot of strange incidents , such as school massacres, unnecessary foreign wars, increasing suicides among the young, the US adopting Torture as a policy, Billion dolllar bonuses for Wall St. tycoons who wrecked the World economy, tolerating the Federal Reserve Cartel, and countless other examples of "craziness". We tend to put it down to single defective individuals; maybe there is more to it than that, as any Buddhist could see. The examples I give are because these are NEW developments. When I was young, people did not seem to be so fearful, even though it was the "Depression".

  • Apr 21 2013: The level of Anxiety, in the population as a whole, is increasing. What lies at the Root of this Anxiety? Deeper than the Unique Symptoms of Unique Individuals? What is Common to All?
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      Apr 21 2013: Fear
    • Apr 21 2013: Scott: Good question. What is common to all is STRESS, That is the cause of Combat Fatigue, And let us note that in our ascent to the peak of civilized life over the last hundred years, fueled by the Industrial Revolution, ever increasing stress levels naturally developed, since even changes for the BETTER are stressful, to say nothing of those left behind, like English farmers 150 years ago, or US steel workers 50 years ago. There is, of course, some Bell curve distribution to ability to cope with stresses. But for those who aren't talented in that direction, they were left to "go crazy", commit suicide, take drugs, or whatever. Since we are all Christians, Jews, or Atheists, the onus is on Them for not coping. there seems to be no recognition of whiat I take to be a fact, that not only are people Social, but Groups are "Real" and can "go crazy" en mass, which is what we are doing.