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Burning one hectare equals 6000 car emissions?

Can someone please let me know where to find the data for the statement about burning one hectare equals emissions from 6000 cars? I would love to see links to the studies with these numbers, or at least numbers of the raw pieces (vehicle emissions, grassland burning emissions) and I can do the math. Thank you!


Closing Statement from Laura South

I agree with you, George. Everything I learned in grassland ecology said there was a role for fires. That is why I would like to see the raw data to make this statement. 6000 cars seems way too high to me, unless you are talking about something like car emissions in one hour. My science background makes me question everything, and want facts. If the facts are there, great. But there is always a story behind the facts.

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  • Apr 19 2013: If you own an iPhone ask Siri to start then google or bing the question or Wikipedia will clearly tell you
    • Apr 20 2013: Thanks for your reply. I can find the statement a number of places, all quotes from Allan. I am hoping to find the actual data behind it. Where did that statistic come from? Who did the research? I am hoping to find a primary source, so it can be used in a research paper. Unfortunately, all the sources I am finding it on won't count as references for a scientific paper.

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