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What are some ideas on how to have a positive spin or perspective on your day, your work and your personal life?

What are some ideas on maintaining or being more consistent in having a positive view when interacting in life? How can we shove the negative in to the back of our thoughts and push the positive to the front?

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    Apr 19 2013: I wake up early for class and work. I wake up early so that way in the mornings I don't have to rush to class. It starts my day off right to have a calm walk. I feel like society is always in a rush, and sometimes we need to slow down to really enjoy life.
  • Apr 20 2013: Create your own Positive Energy!

    1. Look for ways to do something nice for someone. Open a door, help carry a big load, compliment a hairstyle or clothing item. Makes them feel better and can make you feel better if you find happiness in bringing happiness to others. Volunteering or parenting can be a long term solutions.

    2. Learn the names of the folks you work with and address them by name when you greet them. Most people like being recognized and hearing their name. Sam Walton apparently did this during his life.

    3. Make the place you work, the place you live, or the environment a little better somehow as often as possible. Pick up some trash, plant a tree, fix something, paint something clean something.

    4. Improve yourself somehow each day. Learn something new, memorize a song, exercise, learn a new skill.

    5., Try something new each day. Try a new menu item, listen to a different radio station, go into a new store, talk to someone you haven't spoken to before, read something from a different genre.

    6.Take up genealogy as a hobby and contact as many elderly family members as possible to get information. Even if they have nothing to contribute, they generally love the fact you are doing it, enjoy your communication, and are usually very interested in the subject matter.

    7. Call or visit an old friend or family member you have not talked to in a while and see how life is treating them.

    8. Make plans for the future. pick out places you want to see, things you want to do. Look for opportunities that might enable you to do these things and guide your life as best you can to do them.

    9. Interact with people. Take classes, play sports, go to group meetings, participate in group activities. There is almost always something interesting to be learned and shared with others.

    10. Do not open the front door with dread in your heart. Focus on the excitement, adventure, fun, and possibilities of the day. It almost always creates a positive attitude.
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      To build on what you insightfully offer, I each and every one of these activities by being fully present in the moment with the person and/or activity.

      What we focus on expands. Change our thinking, we change our feelings, which may change the perception of the life adventure:>)

      "The winds of Grace are blowing all the time. It is up to us to raise our sails"
    • Apr 22 2013: Hi Robert -- thank you for your list --- I especially like the very first one --- do something nice for someone. How simple, but effective. I hope you don't mind if I share your list with others.
      • Apr 23 2013: Coni,

        Share it with anyone and everyone.

        Relative to the first item, I like to say that it disproves the scientific law that energy can not be created or destroyed, because when you do something nice for someone, it creates positive energy in you, creates positive energy in the recipient, and often creates positive energy in all that see or hear about the action. Although we all know that the energy associated with good internal vibrations is not the stuff of physics, it does illustrate to power of an act of random kindness or planned good turn in the collective human attitude entropy, or perhaps good karma.
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          Apr 23 2013: Robert,
          Maybe it IS "the stuff of physics"? The ripple effect? The butterfly effect?
  • Apr 21 2013: No matter how busy u will be,remember to see trees and grasses around you,seeing them with your heart and if you don't mind talking them a few words:)
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    Apr 20 2013: Always have something to look forward to

    Before your day decide what you are going to accomplish by the end of the day
    • Apr 21 2013: Hi Pat --- thank you for your list --- I especially like the very first one --- do something nice for someone. How simple, but effective. I hope you don't mind if I share your list with others.
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        Apr 21 2013: Sorry Coni

        But I did not say "do something nice for someone", that is hardly something I would say.

        My philosophy is do unto others before they do unto you
        • Apr 22 2013: Sorry Pat = I meant to reply to Robert.......
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        Apr 22 2013: Ok thank you could you please retract your thumbs up?
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    Apr 20 2013: Have you listened to Martin Seligman's talk yet? He is a psychology professor at Penn, I think.

    If you also go to his page linked to the talk, you will find links to his site, which deals with positive psychology and authentic happiness.

    The talk and his site offer ways to do this, all tested in a rigorous way to establish their effectiveness.

    I will make one personal suggestion adapted from the classroom. Get in the habit of doing something each day that is meaningful to you and that you know will succeed. Whatever else happens that day, you will look back and know that you successfully did something good and meaningful.

    Check out the Drew Dudley talk as well for one sort of idea that would be easy to implement every day and maybe make a big difference for someone else.
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    Apr 20 2013: First of all, get rid of the idea that life can be permanently exciting and fun and rosy.
    The Bible says, "There is no peace for the wicked", and "Many are the afflictions of the righteous".
    There are things that we have been empowered to handle, there are natural occurences that we can not stop, and there are circumstances beyond our control. Such is life.
    The most important thing is our wise use of the limited power that we have. Happiness is a choice; and our life is shaped by our choices. We should always look for the wisest of available options.

    There are always options.
    • Apr 21 2013: Thank you Feyisayo --- yes, happiness is a choice. Just like when you choose to look at what happens in life, right? You can choose to allow the negative to take over, and overwhelm -- or you can choose to learn, and move on - taking the power of the learnings with you!
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    Apr 20 2013:

    Just let our brain (the most powerful computer today) dream.
    If it is in the valid scope, then the dream becomes true.
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    • Apr 21 2013: Hi Kate --- you are right - there are so many ways - that is what makes it so hard. Trying to condense all of the information into categories that will help me, and help others, is the hardest part! I like Pat's list above- simply, easy things to do.
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        • Apr 22 2013: Just realized I replied to the wrong person......