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Implement term limits so that (any) new legislation has a chance.

I received a 'canned' email from Senator Blumenthal detailing his disappointment that recent Gun Control legislation did not pass. In his email Senator Blumenthal vowed "to push legislation to make our streets and schools safer". I wrote back: "It won't really matter how much you 'push for legislation'. How Congressmen/women get compensated affects which laws pass and which don't. Would you support term limits? 3 terms is too many (proposed by Senator David Vitter (R-LA). I don't want to see anyone in office for 3 terms. 2 years max, then get a REAL job like the rest of us. If you only had two years in Congress, you would submit and or pass legislation more honestly since the longevity of your career would not depend on it."


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  • Apr 19 2013: Why not just oppose Citizens United? Also, legislation is viewed differently in various areas. For guns it's a rural vs. urban thing. With Prohibition it was different interest groups though the concept is similiar. Remember that most gun deaths are suicides. Drunk guys with guns. Pedistrian deaths by car seem to involve drunks. Suicides? Probably often. A friend who killed one drunk driving in his sports car was unhappy about the guy tearing things up. Last time I saw him he had a truck. Be careful what you ask for as you may get it. Do we have to look for drunk suicides on the road as well as horses, deer, cattle, etc.? Is it worse that the bad guy has a gun or a pressure cooker or a box cutter?
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      Apr 19 2013: Gee whiz, George. The conversation is about term limits, not gun control.
    • Apr 20 2013: I probably shouldn't have mentioned any particular legislation, e.g. gun control. Choose any legislation that has big money behind it....what if you opposed or supported a cause that didn't stand a chance due to huge money supporting the other side. I appreciate that people have differing views and some issues are particularly polarizing. My point was more about term limits so that any legislation has a fighting chance. As it stands now, the side of an issue with the most money behind it most likely wins. That's not equitable or democratic, in my opinion.
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        Apr 21 2013: Please explain how term limits would stop the buying and selling of political influence.
        • Apr 21 2013: Are you asking an honest question, i.e. you really don't know? Or are you just setting up an opposing argument? I think you understand my position, but you disagree and that's totally ok. Your argument so far hasn't won me over to your perspective.

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