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Consultant ENT Surgeon, Indian Medical Association


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Whom you consider most successful person in life?

How many people are influnced by us positively is our circle of influence.

The bigger is our circle of influence, the more successful we are, more evolved we are.

According to me
The least successful person is one who looks after no body.
Who looks after his family is better placed.
Who takes care of his community is more evolved.
looks after the state or the country quite successful
influences lives of whole humanity is most successful and most evolved.

Put one example from your experience in each category and think.
i would like to know from you whom you consider most successful.


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  • Apr 19 2013: Good adesh - Maybe all should be our goals.
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      Apr 20 2013: This is the only way to become immortal. You live in the heart and mind of people forever.

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