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Are we really all the same?

We are all unique.
Which by definition means, we are all different.
Which, in turn, should mean we're all the same.
But we're not, because we're all unique.



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  • Apr 30 2013: We are human beings with the freewill to go the extreme, become angels or devils.

    Which do we want to experience to eternity??
    • May 1 2013: Interesting question, Adriaan...
      I have gone through periods where I was 'devlish', I learned how to become more of an 'angel'... I don't know if I could 'be' one without the other.
      Dark and light, positive and negative, angels and devils... would you agree we all have both sides?
      • May 1 2013: Hi Liz, totally agree. In fact I believe that is what life is all about, choices. It is making choices (and thus what we choose) which shapes our character.
        Our character is determined by what we love, our priorities. As the saying goes: "We are what we love."
        So all that put together, I very much believe we can all become (like) angels now. One of our daughters already is one, I'm pretty sure :)

        The advantage can be that even if we go through a difficult time, we can stay focused on the thought that this temporary hardship can make me a better and stronger person.

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