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Are we really all the same?

We are all unique.
Which by definition means, we are all different.
Which, in turn, should mean we're all the same.
But we're not, because we're all unique.



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  • Apr 23 2013: We are the intelligence of the land. The vicissitudes of similitude and difference stem from our shared purpose: To direct the growth of our worlds. Aptitudes reflect the Mother's diversity, and drive the Father's oneness. The same in our difference, similarly different being human is a stop gap between something infinitely dense and unimaginably sublime. Are all the other chrysalises the same?
    • Apr 23 2013: Hi Stacey!
      I really like how you suggest our aptitude is something feminine, while our drive is masculine. The positive and negative forces combined together, which we all posses.
      Do you mean, by "Are all the other chrysalises the same", that we perhaps choose the same 'safe havens'? That trying to find a solitary spot for ourselves is virtually impossible?

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