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Are we really all the same?

We are all unique.
Which by definition means, we are all different.
Which, in turn, should mean we're all the same.
But we're not, because we're all unique.



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    Apr 22 2013: With all due respect I can only agree partly. Even the villains handle themselves. I believe that the key is a degree of split personify: relating to ourselves through others. Have you ever listened to your own recoded voice? Within ourselves we sound very different to what we sound like without, how we sound to the others. Tolerance has become almost a swear word - though it is much too long for a four letter word - but to me the key is still tolerance. We are beings who cannot live without judgement, essential reflex for survival, but we must learn to keep them to ourselves. I have spent more than half my life outside my native country. Being the outsider is certainly not alien to me, yet within myself I feel at home, in a messy home ... But nonetheless at home. Allow people to think what they want but also to understand that their own reflection in the other person's eye is beyond their control. "vive la difference," say the French.
    • Apr 30 2013: How interesting, Michael, that you and I are both "Third Culture Kids"! I have also spent more than half my life in a country other than where I was born, and agree wholeheartedly with you that we relate to ourselves through others.

      Growing up and living in a culture other than 'my own' and yet having so many fundamental similarities with its people gives me a feeling of security, that wherever I end up on this earth, i will be fine.
      And yet, being different, or my preferred TCK term "terminally unique", is also my fate, albeit purely by definition, my being a 'foreigner'.
      There I go again, we're all the same because we're all not the same...

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