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Are we really all the same?

We are all unique.
Which by definition means, we are all different.
Which, in turn, should mean we're all the same.
But we're not, because we're all unique.



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  • Apr 19 2013: Hi Lizanne,
    It is an interesting and vogue topic. I assume that we are talking about man and woman. What I would do is to differentiate fields in which we are and we are not the same. For example, there are differences in fields of biology, anthropology, psychology; and I think we are the same in the field of sociology, and some others which do not come into my mind right now :)
    What do you think?
    • Apr 19 2013: Hi Jose,
      How interesting that you immediately assumed I meant men and women! Admittedly, my statement was ambiguous, but I was actually referring to all people, regardless of gender.

      I am a creative spirit, and am passionate about raising my children to be solid, respectful humans capable of communication and expression. They are now at the point where they are looking outwards, and are discovering the differences in those around them, and those differences are magnified by 1000 it seems! I feel humans are all fundamentally different as a result of so many factors (upbringing, environment, genetics, etc.) but don't we all have more or less the same ingredients?
      • Apr 20 2013: Hi Lizanne,
        I assume men and women because the statement starts with "we" and I thought that involved individuals of the same species.
        On the other hand, do not worry about expectations of raising your children as you said, they will be different because of environments, personal experiences, and many other contexts. They may have a common cultural background and family education, however, every person is capable to re-think on their ideas and make difference, therefore, I can say that it is imposible that two people think in the same way, they may agree on something which is quite different.

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