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Are we really all the same?

We are all unique.
Which by definition means, we are all different.
Which, in turn, should mean we're all the same.
But we're not, because we're all unique.



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    Apr 20 2013: We all are different from DNA no one shares same blood, DNA cause we all have different tastes, foods, moods etc etc but our minds are so narrow that we believe in everything we see everything we told i think is the reason our world is at this stage wars, economic crisis, pollution, etc etc i will leave this with a beautiful quote "To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world."

    Thank you
    • Apr 22 2013: Thank you, Junaid!

      I agree, no one shares the same blood - and even if we do, we are fundamentally different from one another.

      We're the product of so many factors - our upbringing, our genetic make-up, our environment... this in turn is what makes us more or less susceptible to negativity of the world around us. Not everyone knows how to think outside the box...

      I love the quote you shared - whose it is?
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        Apr 22 2013: You're welcome,

        I don't know about the quote

        you know if we want to save our planet we have to be polite, and patience, i think 99% of people wants to live peacefully, in a healthy and better environment but those 1% of people are somehow always ahead in destroying.
        • Apr 23 2013: I agree, it always seems to be a much smaller percentage who take advantage, manipulate and corrupt, and unfortunately, those types are often the ones who somehow end up with the power to make decisions that affect us all... !

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