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Is it time to embrace the idea of personal exit strategies and not burdening society in the afterlife?

Sounds cold and calculative, yes, but in theory, is there a better way to address people exiting the world (whom are determined to go) and what usually remains a crime scene, and remains unresolved. Private citizens can be inconvenienced, not to mention the beauracratic agencies and manpower required to process most scenarios. After the investigation is complete the clean up teams involved require industrial cleansers to 'mop' or 'clean the scene' so to speak, thus requiring more manpower, hours and resources. This combined with the anguish the family suffers through in the case of an early teen exit, is emotionally,mentally and physically taxing. These scenarios destroy additional families and lives in the process. In the case of long term illnesses the additional financial burdens and manipulations,when the outcome is inevitable,are criminal. One should not feel burdened on the way out by the institutions involved. This generation will rewrite the course of history, and I m grateful to witness the transition. Gay marriage is generally accepted, marijuana is gaining ground, and our decision as to how and when we want to enter the ground should be solely left to the individual.

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    Apr 19 2013: God is the Creator, Sustainer, and Giver, of all life. All rights to begin and end life rightly rest with God. Your question is one of philosophy, not of sociology. When Man tries to be God it never ends well.
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        Apr 20 2013: I have read your assessment of me as a person and I am not in complete agreement with you, Mr. Middaugh. Regarding the topic (which we like to do here on TED Conversations), do you have an opinion about suicide? Remember, the topic is not "What is your personal opinion of Edward Long and are you willing to hurl multiple personal insults at him?"
        By the way, the correct spelling is B-U-D-D-H-A and B-U-D-D-H-I-S-T.
        Please know that I am NOT a proponent of the Easter Bunny theory of Creation, in fact I am not familiar with it. Please do not be sickened any further, at least not for that reason. Can you tell me the meaning of your phrase, ". . . hiding behind theology as your explanation for the distance between keeping me from mentally kicking your ass in debate in person."? I cannot make heads or tails out of that gem. It is surprising to read that you embrace the reasoning behind Occam's Razor. I'll be watching for your opinion about the topic of suicide. Live long and prosper sir.
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          Apr 22 2013: I like you Edward; all is not lost.

  • Apr 19 2013: Oh gosh - are things really so bad that this is an issue that requires much time and political capital?
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      Apr 20 2013: Mr. Middaugh, I received your second offline email. There was no message on it. If you consider it worthwhile try again.
  • Apr 19 2013: I do fully agree that in this day and age, the age of exponential(ism) technological advancement, that miracles can and possibly do occur; however the odds surviving late term cancer, and or a life of abnormality, in which the participant has no ability to sustain themselves and would rather not be held subject to ridicule, sympathy, or be a burden to others and precious resources, they should be alowed to exit as they please. Shit make a day of it. It may be one of the only things a person in a terminal situation has any control over at some point and why not give them the dignity to control their own exit.

    I like many others, have experienced both sudden and long term loss and the impact on both ends of the spectrum can be devastating. For me developing exit strategies for the terminally ill and the mentally emotionally disturbed that upon complete self analysis determine exiting is best for them.

    I only ask this and challenge anyone to google suicidal jumps and stomach the before and after of any of it, but for the faint of heart watch the 'golden gate jumps' with the heart wrenching music added and tell me, One, how did we as a society fail these people to this degree? And to adress the heartless comments of the societal maggots whom suggest these individuals are weak and should jump, should be skull f&*!€Ed and have that posted on YouTube along with individual comments.

    If you own a modern apple phone or tablet with SIRI I challenge anyone to ask SIRI suicide statistics, not be taken aback, at how far we have come in some ways, and yet failed miserably in so many others.
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      • Apr 20 2013: I did not think I had to specifically state that the right to extinguish ones own existence should be left to the individual, and not only accepted but legislatively supported globally. Japanese practiced it in numerous ways, and the Native Americans accepted it as the natural process of rejuvenation

        Being a proponent of individual rights, I would like to see a coalition formed to support right to expire legislation. The patient in most cases knows best. This would be a private decision made by the individual in regards to their own situation. Case by case. Not broad restrictive legislation which is impeded with beauracratic red tape, thus continued suffering in most cases with astounding medical costs. We are bankrupting some individuals with meager means to begin with at a time when things are difficult enough.

        To answer your last question, I had to laugh, No I am not having any issues. I do appreciate your insight and awareness
  • Apr 19 2013: No I think that death makes most uncomfortable,and we sweep the issues surrounding it under the rug in the process. I experienced a scenario in which a loved ones life was extended, for little or no purpose but to benefit whom? The hospital, the staff, Pharma industry?

    Short sighted ness, discomfort, and ignorance are reasons why this is not discussed, or an option provided for those whom want 'out' of the living experience. Our former governor (Booth Gardner) suffered from ALS and had stick it out although the outcome was determined. The laws on the books prevented him any other measure or mean but to 'ride' it out. Suicide. No pension even for a former governor. And you are concerned about political capital? Really?
  • Apr 19 2013: When an individual in our country decides that their life should end due to circumstance or conviction, one the presence or dependence on a God is usually void or unwanted, or two, in some cases I am quite sure God is actually the key figure involved, whereas overwhelming guilt may have brought the individual to the decision point. The question being philosophical is irrelevant when it comes to the physical remains of an individual that has made a mess (literally) of their lives and continue to do so afterwards? To me the question is wether we should make the self expiration process a little more efficient and humane.

    For me it makes sense to develop measures and better contingency plans for those whom truly want a way out. If I develop terminal inoperable cancer, hook me to the morphine drip and let me surf the rest of my existence high, as if I was never here in the first place. Forcing individuals to live out a painful determined outcome, for theoretical reasons, makes as much sense as commuting in modern rush hour traffic with a Model T, of which you may be familiar? Just a thought