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Would you like to know the date that you will die?

It's the age old question about whether or not you would like to know exactly when you will die. I'm undecided so I hope this will help me make up my mind on the subject

  • Apr 19 2013: Yes - If I needed to quickly change the way that I live.
    No - if I couldn't make any difference.
  • Apr 19 2013: Probably not, but if I did, I would be able o take care of all the details myself and not burden my family. However, I would definitely have fun with it. For instance:

    I would have to leave a phone message with the funeral home that messed with their heads.

    I think I would set up sales appointments with every annoying salesman that hounded me during life at one restaurant.

    Many other pranks...
  • Apr 19 2013: Rather not know. That way I can live each day to fullest as my health & chance dictates.
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    Apr 19 2013: G'day Niamh

    Irrelevant to me either way as I still make the most of my life knowing or not knowing, in other words I wouldn't change the way I live my life however I am just surmising here!!

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    Apr 20 2013: No, I wouldn't like, because... it won't be interesting to live and know that the time is coming. We should live everyday like a last day. But, we mustn't know the time of our death.
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    Apr 19 2013: Would you like to know the date of any of the events that are going to happen in your life? What if you knew your entire life, knew what was to happen, knew every spontaneous occurance, serindipidous speciality that was going to happen before it occured? Life would stink.

    I crave spontaneous reality. SSDD does not sit well with most people. Same argument for knowing when you are meant to exit - if you were supposed to know you would. There is also the argument of free will, although God does control all, considering the manner that we take care of ourselves affects this as well.
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    Apr 19 2013: No.