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What form of renewable energy has or will have the lowest impact on biodiversity?

Climate change, air pollution, rising sea levels and species extinction can all be attributed to the increasing usage of non-renewable energy in the world today. Non-renewable energy reserves are diminishing and finite with an ever-increasing demand from countries around the world. Coal, natural gas and oil all have detrimental effects on the environment. These effects are both local and global, harming species throughout the world. As we consider different renewable forms of energy, can we rank their potential impacts on biodiversity?


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  • Apr 24 2013: Why hasn't anyone said Hemp fuel?

    Hemp fuel is a way out of oil! Planting only 6 percent of the continental United States with biomass crops such as hemp would supply all current domestic demands for oil and gas. Hemp fuel is a real alternative.
    • Apr 24 2013: because any "fuel" releases CO2 and therefore impact's biodiversity
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      Apr 24 2013: Although I see it as an interesting alternative, I would imagine it would be difficult to gain support for a source of fuel that comes from Cannabis. At least for now.
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      Apr 24 2013: As a fuel, it can also release carbon dioxide and other gas pollutants. Although it might as an alternative energy to out of oil, it is not quite clean. And carbon dioxide might cause the global warming and some other problems, which ruin the biological habitats and biodiversity.

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