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Media ... should there be enforcable rules

As I was watch a movie, a breaking news press conference was aired. I am all for being well informed and have no problem with this practice .... however, the breaking news was a political campaign follow up by the president to call your representative to support his political agenda.

So here is the question: Should this be a paid political advertisement not a national breaking news issue.

We are seeing more of this political tactic ... if free prime time is given to ANY incumbent should there be free rebuttal time to the opposition? If it is a political statement should it be preceeded by this is a "paid political ad" and not be allowed to interrupt regular programming.


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    Apr 19 2013: Ahm...

    Let's see, 2 nutjobs have killed innocent persons in Boston marathon. Media is showing it all the time (and my deepest condolences to victims' families), Culprits deserve to be hanged in public square!!

    Some days ago some military killed 11 kids who unfortunately were from Afghanistan :( (http://rt.com/news/afghanistan-nato-shrike-children-460/) Culprits deserve to be hanged in public square!!


    The thing is, in my naive opinion, we the consumers are constantly programmed by 'free' media (sometimes we don't even realise it)
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      Apr 20 2013: Yeah, we are getting progrmmed on a steady basis. On the Boston thing we knew all we were going to know about a hour into the coverage. I would accept a break in we identifed them. I would allow another break in they are dead. All stations stayed with it and beat it to death. I turned it off.

      On the 11 kids getting killed. Not a good thing. However, as a veteran I can tell you that these people have no respect for life. They hide in populus areas, blow up their own churches, and brutally kill many innocents. But if the opponent kills a innocent it is all over the news. The Viets wired women and children to blow up a GI. War is ugly ... but it would not be quite so bad if it was fought with any type of honor at all. To blow up the twin towers and place bombs in public places is ... to me ... a cowards way of fighting.
      You and I declare war then put on uniforms and show yourself as a combatant and we will go at it. This holy war stuff is very unholy ... to me.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.

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