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Media ... should there be enforcable rules

As I was watch a movie, a breaking news press conference was aired. I am all for being well informed and have no problem with this practice .... however, the breaking news was a political campaign follow up by the president to call your representative to support his political agenda.

So here is the question: Should this be a paid political advertisement not a national breaking news issue.

We are seeing more of this political tactic ... if free prime time is given to ANY incumbent should there be free rebuttal time to the opposition? If it is a political statement should it be preceeded by this is a "paid political ad" and not be allowed to interrupt regular programming.


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    Apr 19 2013: There is no fix here, we are in the unfortunate position of watching it play out. We have one of the largest and most ignorant, dispassionate and disconnected electorates in history. Our media is based on profit, emotional randomness and yellow journalism all in order to sell soap to the a drowning populace. Sound bleak? We also live in a time of extraordinary technological leaps, incredible feats of compassion amidst extreme adversity and a changing perspective in the human quotient. This world is giving way to the next, but not without a fight. So we must decide which one to stand with, this world, or the next.

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