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Is Necessity still the mother of all inventions?

The question is simple and straight forward. I am thankful for all the inventions that is making our life easier and giving us various options. But does this old famous proverb still make the same sense?

For example, how necessary is the "Foldable" mobile phone?

It would be great to get to know different perceptions on this thought which will help me with a study.


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    Apr 18 2013: Yes no change on this nor will there ever be anymore than gravity will change

    Another way to look at this is that with every problem there is an opportunity to make it better which is the mother of all inventions.

    One can think of himself as the poor victim of these problems or one can think of himself as the solver of these problems. I highly recommend the latter.

    The entire standard of living that we enjoy today comes from this mentality. The good news it is accelerating. 20 years ago very few had cell phones today very few do not have them and a gazillion other things have been invented, when you are older you have seen the before and after and it is amazing. So hold onto your Segway because the segway into the next tech revolution is going to be a rocket ride. Nano/Bio engineering is in the nascent stages...
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      Apr 19 2013: We have started to set ourselves higher expectations each day, isn't it? And to fulfil our need for meeting those expectations we invent and improvise constantly even when there isn't much need of it.
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        Apr 19 2013: So you would say that there isn't any need for a cure for cancer, potable water for those without it, alternative energy as we have passed peak oil, a device that detects bombs that is portable, something that can change global warming or cooling whichever the case may be, or a device that prevents lions from eating your cattle so that you don't have to kill the lions, etc. etc. ?

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