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Is Necessity still the mother of all inventions?

The question is simple and straight forward. I am thankful for all the inventions that is making our life easier and giving us various options. But does this old famous proverb still make the same sense?

For example, how necessary is the "Foldable" mobile phone?

It would be great to get to know different perceptions on this thought which will help me with a study.


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    Apr 18 2013: A mother must necessarily take care of her children. If there is something that we need (a necessary invention) than yes, the metaphor still makes perfect sense.

    A lot of people focus on inventing new ideas about what will improve ourselves and our society in some way. Creativity also plays a key role - I suppose even invention for pure enjoyment (such as writing a new story) is driven by necessity because as humans, we have that aspect of needing to be fulfilled emotionally and mentally.

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